About us

UnisPost is a hub where students 'pin' ads for buying, selling, meeting, collaborating and much more.

UnisPost provides students with a unique online platform where they can list student related products and services through one central network. We aim to be the most popular and used student marketplace and advertising platform on the web; that's why we've worked so hard to produce such a comprehensive and professionally developed resource.

Pin up your item, service or notice.
Meet with your respondents at your university campus or nearby.
Get things done!

Some examples.

  • Sell off previous years student books, or buying books from those moving on
  • Find a cheap bicycle to cycle to uni every day
  • Find takers for an unwanted room from the same or nearby universities
  • Find house sharers to live with next year
  • Advertise your music tuition services to make a little extra money while you study
  • Find great local deals for anything from discount hair cuts to high-class restaurants
  • And so much more!
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