Although local meet-up advertising eliminates the risk of distance and credit card fraud, it also brings a selection of new potential dangers that you should be wary of. As is merely intended as a self-maintained resource for student advertising, we cannot provide extensive support in the event of a scam or abuse during your meeting with the buyer or seller. If you do end up becoming a victim of a crime, contact the police and your university immediately and report the user using the “Report User” link on their profile page.

Tips on staying safe:

  • Meet during the day and in a public and busy place (e.g. student union, common room or café on campus)
  • Carefully inspect the item before ultimately buying
  • Do not carry large sums of cash with you to the meeting
  • Do not be afraid to check for fraudulent cash when making the deal
  • Look out for the verified student check icon (shown in the user's profile) for users who are claiming to be students
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